David Loy

I’ve never been a gym junkie, thinking that regular competitive sport would always be enough to keep me fit. After recent knee surgery followed by a bout of bursitis, I was somewhat sceptical when a concerned colleague suggested I meet Francis for an assessment. How wrong I was !!

Francis employs a detailed and holistic approach for each individual he trains, with bad habits (posture/gait) addressed in a logical and sustainable way. He constantly explains and educates in an intelligent fashion, making sure that a common understanding exists concerning the many and varied exercises he uses. No two sessions are the same, with each based very specifically on progress toward an overall goal.

Francis’ ability to observe and understand each individual’s needs is outstanding. He has such a likeable personality that it is easy to respond positively to his training. I’ve been with Francis now for 3 to 4 months, and in that time my body has changed, I’m fitter, slimmer and most importantly, happier. Not bad for a 61 year old. Best of all I now understand a lot more about how my body works.

I would recommend Francis to anyone who needs to improve their fitness and lifestyle.