Kristy Joan

I have been training with Francis for some time now.

I decided to train with Francis because of his pure passion for health and fitness and genuinely wanting the best for his clients and to see them reach their 100% absolute potential.

To say Health and Fitness is important to me is an understatement. It is #1.

I feel so blessed to have met Francis who is always pushing me to the limits with challenging workouts to ensure he does all in his power to see me reach my goals. Francis has a wealth of knowledge with all things health, fitness and movement.  He is constantly researching new content to keep his clients up to date and well educated on all things fitness.

I absolutely love my Personal Training sessions with Francis! I am a perfectionist and always striving for the best. To say I am happy with the results achieved through our training sessions is an understatement.

Francis is a true gentleman and without a doubt the BEST trainer in the business”.