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I met Francis at his pyrmont body studio - great space! I was very impressed with Francis and his wealth of knowledge around general well-being. Francis is all about movement, and the connection between mind and body - he has an incredible understanding of his craft, and a delivery that is purely inspiring. It's a pleasure to know and work with Francis, and I look forward to future encounters!
Love The Body Studio! 5 years and 10kgs later I’m stronger and healthier and couldn’t recommend Francis more highly, he’s passionate and knowledgeable, changes things up AND he’s great company! #legend
I could not recommend Francis more! I was in Sydney on vacation visiting family and was so pleased to find a fitness studio on the same road as the family home! I popped in whilst on my run and Francis was so welcoming and friendly so I arranged to come back for a session and I am so glad that I did!!! He made me complete a form so that he knew my level of experience, health conditions etc. Every workout was explained and demonstrated and I left feeling pushed, stretched and strong! Studio's like these are so needed, as it provides an accessible fitness space for local people in the community and for those who might be intimidated by large gym's The Body Studio must be a breath of fresh air. I wish I could have packed the studio into my suitcase and popped it up in London when I got home.
Francis is s giant in the fitness industry.A man that’s puts people st ease and knows what best for your needs. If you want results in your body. He is the man to look after your health and body maintenance. Remember that health is essential to your future growth and ageing.
开始建身是因为长期办公室工作已经产生腰肌劳损的先兆。经过朋友推荐找了这里的私教。老师非常认真负责:观察短期体脂和体重; 根据个人诉求,老师会安排每一个动作,讲解原因,训练肌肉群和结果;通过手机APP监督饮食等。并不是像我之前的教练只追求短期目标,而是跟多关注改变生活习惯和饮食习惯。
Francis and the team at The Body Studio are phenomenal. I’ve wasted countless dollars on gym memberships over the years, but when I fell pregnant I knew I needed some proper guidance. Francis is not your typical PT, his focus is a true connection between mind and body. We have concentrated on everyday movement: how to pick up and put down a future baby without undue stress on the body, how to improve posture with the added weight in front, beneficial stretches, etc. He is truly passionate about the body and is constantly researching and learning, from which his clients benefit hugely. I can’t thank him enough for helping me through my pregnancy, I feel mentally and physically prepared to face birth and the years of lifting, playing and moving to come. If you want to improve and grow from the inside out with a team focused on your holistic wellbeing..this is the place.

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